Games We Play

Games We Play

When Cajun Laser Tag arrives at your event, we set up inflatable bunkers for the Laser Tag Game and meet with the players for a brief orientation. We will explain how to use the laser tag guns, the rules of the game and the safety rules. The players will be separated into two teams, each choosing a headband color for their team. Our team referees then handout the laser tag guns and the games begin!

For the two hour game period, each laser tag team will play:

  • 2 games of Elimination
  • 2 games of Protect the President
  • 2 games of Capture the Flag
  • 2 games of Medic
  • 1 game of Free For All / King of the Hill (time permitting)

Each time a team wins a game, they get 1 point for the win. During the final team game, the team that is behind in points has a chance to catch up by winning additional points. After the team games, if time permits, the players play a free for all game called king of the hill.

Cajun Laser Tag is not played like indoor laser tag. It is played outside like paintball and the primary goal of the game is to eliminate players from the other team by taking “lives”.

Here are some of the basic games that we play:

  • Basic Tag/Elimination Laser Tag
  • Capture the Flag Laser Tag (2 versions)
  • Base Flags Laser Tag
  • Center Flag Laser Tag
  • Paintball Style Laser Tag
  • Protect the President Laser Tag
  • Medic Laser Tag
  • Attack and Defend Laser Tag